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In Defense of Biased Journalism

The notion of removing bias from journalism has long been considered central to the practice. News outlets pride themselves on the perceived fairness and objectivity of their reporters, but readers and writers alike lament...


The Weekly LGBTQ News

President of Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe has reaffirmed his country’s opposition to LGBTQ rights. “Let Europe keep their homosexual nonsense,” Mugabe stated, before threatening that foreign diplomats who raise issues over LGBTQ acceptance will be...

China Builds World’s Biggest Building (And More Details about U.S. Spying)

After three years, China has completed the construction of the world’s largest building, the New Century Global Center. The enormous building houses multiple hotels, tons of shops, a water park, and a Mediterranean village–truly an impressive feat. Additionally, more news about the United States’ spying habits has rolled out, and even more people are mad.