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The Five Streams of NXNE: Music

North by Northeast is almost here! The week-long arts festival in downtown Toronto that will run from June 10th to 16th is less than a week away, and today we’re going to preview another of the Five Streams of NXNE, the music stream!

Who’s Ready for North by Northeast?

North by Northeast is a week-long celebration of music and the arts that takes place in Toronto, and it is one of North America’s premier music festivals. NXNE was started in 1995, and it has occurred every June since then; this year it will be taking place from June 10 to 16. It follows the template of South by Southwest, featuring 7+ days of music, film, comedy, art, and interactive exhibitions. This year’s festival will feature 950 bands.

Will Live Streaming Stay Alive?

Music and technology are almost inseparable. Entire music collections can exist solely as Mp3s on computers. Music can be uploaded, streamed, downloaded, burned, or synced. It can be played anywhere with iPods and phones....