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Everyone Orchestra to Begin a Three-City Tour Across the Northeast

It is time to jam out with the Everyone Orchestra for a three-day, three-city tour across the Northeast. Everyone Orchestra features a rotating cast of musicians conducted by the very entertaining Matt Butler. This musical experiment follows no method. Sky is the limit as artists from different genres come together to push musical boundaries to make for a unique and eclectic performance.

Rubblebucket – Camp Bisco: Artist Not to Miss

Explosive, horn-centric octet Rubblebucket hails from Brooklyn, New York and is led by couple-duo Alex Troth and Kalmia Traver. With a lineup that currently consists of players on everything from trombone to clavinet to n’goni, a type of West African string instrument that loosely resembles a banjo (don’t worry I had to Google it, too), this is one act you’re going to have to see to understand, and I promise they will not disappoint.