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TOTD: inc. no world – “Waters of You”

There’s such beauty to be found in music just as in the world. Left undiscovered, one may come across such a remarkable place (read: sound) and bathe in its glory. The same applies to Los...

che vuoi? cover

“Let’s Rock!”: An Interview with Misconstruity

Indie rockers Misconstruity are about to release their reunion album, che vuoi?. As I wrote in an earlier piece, it’s an energetic, exciting album characterized by top-notch instrumentals, poetic lyricism, and passionate emotional expression. Misconstruity is...

Creations For Concord: A New Arts-Based Charity

Creations for Concord, an innovative and groundbreaking charity rooted in the arts, has launched their Indiegogo campaign. The goal of the organization is to raise money for the maintenance of safety and tranquility in...

Review: lespecial’s New EP ‘Ceremony’

Self-proclaimed “aggressive-dance trio” lespecial produced five distinct yet conceptually cohesive tracks for their EP Ceremony which dropped Tuesday February 12th, 2013. lespecial truly pushes the boundaries of genre and instrument classification, creating well-refined soundscapes as well as party starters. Throughout my enjoyment of the EP I was constantly impressed by their ability to traverse genres and a variety of emotions in a matter of minutes.