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Omaha Diner Turns Out The Hits

Not many bands can segue from Van Halen to The Osmonds with seamless dexterity, but then not many bands boast the impressive pedigree of Omaha Diner, who did just that at their inaugural gig at The Cutting Room, courtesy of CEG Presents. The entirety of their succinct, oft haphazard set was comprised of songs from the apex of the Billboard charts.

Omaha Diner To Reconstruct Top 40 Hits

CEG Presents has a penchant for classic tunes that generally skew towards rock, but next month the venerable promoters will bring together a super group of sorts to reconstruct tunes of the Top 40 variety. Omaha Diner will be at The Cutting Room this Friday night featuring a stellar cast of musicians familiar to fans of offbeat improvisational music.

Us Not Them Replicates Pink Floyd

As a light snow blanketed the Village on an early Friday night last month, CEG Presents brought New York City’s premier Pink Floyd tribute act Us Not Them to the cozy confines of Sullivan Hall. Though sound issues plagued the first half of their set, the group managed to capture the essence of the Pink Floyd experience.

The Lawn Boys Overwhelm With Olfactory Hues

Bob Weir once declared that the thing about Deadheads is that they only listen to the Grateful Dead. The fans of Phish have similar tendencies and that may be the reason for the numerous...

Sullivan Hall Gets Weirdly Normal

CEG Presents and The Brain Trust joined forces last week to bring an especially stacked lineup to Sullivan Hall. It was the New York City debut of Normal Instruments, perhaps the best of a...