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Samsung Overtakes Apple in Global Smartphone Sales. Will it Last?

Apple is a powerhouse in the electronics industry, and for years it has dominated the computer, smartphone, tablet, and MP3 player markets. No matter where you go, you’ll find someone using an Apple product. The astonishing and nearly universal appeal of Apple is obvious, and for that reason I was shocked to find out that the company was not the leader in smartphone sales for the fourth quarter of 2012.

World Maker Faire New York 2012

Inventors, science lovers, and exploratory types  from across the globe descended upon the grounds of the 1939 and 1964 World Fairs in Queens last month for the latest installment in the burgeoning series of science fairs with flair....

Lotus’ 2-Night Stand in Buffalo

The date: September 20, 2012.  I walked up to the Town Ballroom in Buffalo, New York; the energy, palpable.  In less than three hours, Lotus would take the stage for the first night of...