Author: Kadley Gosselin

Lotus Drops 'Cosmic Roots' album art

Lotus Drops Delivers ‘Cosmic Roots’ February 19

Bay-area producer and DJ, Lotus Drops, has been fine tuning her melodic, mystical bass chasm beats for twelve years resulting in many dark and delicious mixes and high energy live performances. She has performed alongside the likes of FreQ Nasty, EPROM, Lorin Bassnectar and Deru, and on Tuesday February 19 she’s releasing her first full-length album, Cosmic Roots on MalLabel Music, providers of some of the deepest underground bass productions in San Francisco.

Review: lespecial’s New EP ‘Ceremony’

Self-proclaimed “aggressive-dance trio” lespecial produced five distinct yet conceptually cohesive tracks for their EP Ceremony which dropped Tuesday February 12th, 2013. lespecial truly pushes the boundaries of genre and instrument classification, creating well-refined soundscapes as well as party starters. Throughout my enjoyment of the EP I was constantly impressed by their ability to traverse genres and a variety of emotions in a matter of minutes.